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[09 Jan 2005|10:40pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

0o0o0o!!! jenn is VERY happy!!!! although, i DO

wish it was me kissing Sean in that picture....   : /

I FREAKED WHEN Will and Grace won!!!

wooohooooo0o0o0o0o0o0o!!!   CONGRATS!

i havent updated in ages....i can explain....once again, my

crappy ass laptop is down yet again...im lucky i could get a

few mins so i could update....ill talk to you all at skool!!

C0MMMMMMENT!!!!.....if you love me.....   : /

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WhAt?!......A....rEaL ChRiStMaS?!?!?!?!?! [25 Dec 2004|12:32am]
its....SNOWING IN.....McAlllen!!!!
i am so0o0o freaking out!
this is like the co0olest Christmas
ive ever had in my whole entire life....
screw the gifts, tomarrow im gonna have
another snow ball fight...dont know
with who but im going to! im gonna build
a snowman, if anyone would like to help...
give me a call!!!!
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Aahhhhhhhhh ChRiStMaS-tImE!!! [23 Dec 2004|10:55pm]
[ mood | bored ]

                                                                                        ahhh, my weekend...i wounder if im getting my car tomaroo, that would be soo0o0o co0olio, dont really think im getting it though i mean common 25grand?! im just freaking NUTS! eh, well i dunno my mom always has some tricks up her sleeves. i dont even think i deserve it so....eh, if i dont get it ill just be greatful that i got to live another day. id like to thank my "mom" ARELY i l0ve you!!! ive seen season 3 like a gagillion TIMES! and jonis i loved the killers CD! i wanned it! ill be back letting you all know what i actually ended up getting for Christmas... Sean looks so snuggly! i PUKED at jonis this weekend EVERYWHERE! sorry about that jonis... love you all!! oh yeah...i dont think i got Sean for Christmas...but i guess we'll just have to wait and see, *giggles*  dont for get to...*does music*....   COMMENT!!!

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[19 Dec 2004|03:17am]
herrow everyone...ive FINALLY made some new icons as you can see! yay, well, my moms mad at me yet again, not really shure for what. hpf and i was supposed to go to jonis and i wanned to visit Coders today!!! hmm, maybe this week, i miss hanging out with em, not that i dont love the rest of you. anywhoo.... POST! you all are really starting to slack off! xP....L8DERS.
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w0ah! watch out! its an....UPDATE! [28 Nov 2004|11:21pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

i havent updated in AGES...mainly cause people (my "friends") dont even bother to update!!! (sucks on popcicle angrily) ew, my freezer still smellz like spoiled sausage xp. anywhoo whats been going on in my life...im glad you asked: im in LUST with a dude, not as serious as it was with freddy, but yeah...i know i dont have a chance, thats just sad...but at least he's still my friend, belive it or not he makes me look forward to mondays, and trust me there arent that many reasons that will make me like mondays. cant wait till christmas, out of everything i want that bug (car), its PERFECT for me...eh, oh well, i should just get used to not always having what i want, which is going to be pretty difficult to me. if any of you have ANY information about "the guy" i currently like, please post em along with your comments. "a lesbo says what?"-Jack. lol, what a riot! i love that man...always have, ALWAYS will!!! comment or die, please lol! ah yes, and please dont ask me to do anything with you tomarrow, i shall be at the gym or doing hw afta skool.

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doot doot dooo0o0o0ot! [09 Nov 2004|12:12am]
[ mood | sick ]

blah blah blah, i know i know, i havent updated in a lo0o00ong while, not that theres many of you that even CARE to read AND comment in my journal. anywhoo, im just here, ready to go to bed, ive been souper busy will skool and stuff, some people are even getting freaked out cause i harldy ever talk about my Sean anymore, i still love em so0oo0per mucho even though i dont talk about em that much. i hope everyones going ok...did anyone see the cast of Will and Grace on Ellen?! i thought it rocked, i loved that little race they had at the end. eh, i want season 2 and 3 of Will and Grace!!! and a poster of Sean so i can hang on my wall and stare at obsessively...so what if im weird?! lol! anywhoo, i think that just may cover my christmas wish list, i mean not that i wouldnt want to actually MEET Sean, or any other of the cast members, im just trying to be a little realistic here, work with me folks. eh, i feel bad cause i didnt get the chance to go over to codys and bake some koocies (as he puts it) ewww, i have testing tomarrow morning, not too fun, but at least i dont have to go to too many classes tomarrow! yea....well, its pretty late, and i should get going i have to go to tutoring in the morning cause i have a test wednesday, i hope the week goes by fast and that you all comment, sorry this entry was so0o0o long you lazy asses! o00o and i have a tank full of gas now peeps, woohoo for my carrrrito!!!
p.s i cut my hair, whew, thank God that mess is over with...i miss it though.... *begins to weep*

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skool time! [15 Oct 2004|11:45am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

buenos, im here in my class, drama to be more specific
arelys here right next me. eh, i just found out that im failing geometry, my teacher is not being very nice at all about the whole situation, i have to keep the language clean, because im at skool. my mummy is pissed, she called me during class, that mean QUACKER called her 3rd period, she told me she was gonna call, i called my mom back, she was not pleased, i cant go anywhere today after skool, and im pretty shure that im NOT gonna get my keyboard, eh, i wanna drop the class its too hard, she dosent explain, my mom doesnt want me to drop it with out her "permission" whatever that means, if im having trouble you think she'd let me drop it huh...oh wellers, and my laptop doesnt even have internet so i cant use it, its useless!!! eh, type back whenever i can, plz comment, dont be mean!

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ok...*ahem* i messed up the other entry... you guys HAVE ta comment on this one!!! [24 Sep 2004|11:40pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

whats up everyone?! omg, ive had a really long 2 weeks:

okay... i asked "freddy" out last friday, he said no... *begins to cry*. well, he seemed alot sadder about it than i did! yah, so i BARELY passed all a my classes, good lord! my mums so0o0o gonna kill me! im so glad we're gonna go and l0ok at keyboards tomarrow so that way i get it b4 my mum finds out about my grades. im spending the night at ericas tonight! omg thats so totally awesome! ok heres another story: ok theres this guy who is no longer in highkskool, he called me and asked me out... he tried to win my heart over with a slow ballad R&B song! lmao *laughs and rolls on floor clutching stomache*, *wipes tears outta eyes*, anyway, (this was on wednesday) and he asked me and i was like... uhm...i dunno...ill get back to you on that. so he called and called, and he left messages, lol, and he called while we (me, erica, steven, and arely) were swimming, so hes like...yea...so whats your answer...and i was like...uhmm....yea, it was yes. eh, hes a nice guy and i told em that if my mom had found out she would kill me and him both....him first, probably not me, lol! and it makes it worster cause hes like 20! lmao! so yeah... i loved the emmys, well, not really, i was pissed that sean or anyone that he works with currently *coughs, megan!* lol! yea...i feel...GITTY! ah hahahahahahahahahah *laughs evily with erica* lol! hmm, well i guess thats it, i dont think edy omg! i mean..."freddy" likes me anymore...i mean as a friend...how sad is that! oh yeah.... and Sean lo0okes so0o0ouper hot in last thursday eppy with Janet J. DAMN! i love those arms *drools, and faints*

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hmm.... PLZ comment!!! [22 Sep 2004|09:52pm]
[ mood | tired ]


so adorable....it was aired during Emmys (commercial)

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~!~shit!~! [12 Sep 2004|02:26pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

i feel like shit...
i think im changing...as a person i mean....
i dont think im myself anymore and im not liking it at ALL!
i mean...im starting to skip classes, and right now im failing geometry.
i m starting to get into trouble with my mom...
i HATE IT! i dont like that ive changed! i wanna go back to the way i was;
am i the only person who cries (not literally) about wanting christmas to come?
not for the presents but theres alotta togetherness and happiness, and i just love the feeling of that time of year... oh yea... ive become more of a depressed and depressing person... i remember i used to love who i was... i want my old personality back! i feel sick, dizzy, and confused about what to do at skool and in every other situation! i hate this... im gonna work my ass off and try to go back to the REAL me!
my computers gone, it fucked up, yet again!...my mom lied to me about going to go and look at a new keyboard she promised me, and i have nothing to do! i fucking hate today, tomarrow, and yesterday
the only thing that has kept me alive is my friends, and the fact that im talking to my edy again... he stopped me to talk friday...and we talked and joked, laughed and..uhgh! im still in love! i wanna ask em out...ya know...cause i dont want some other FRESHMAN to steel him from me! i hate freshman, i l0ve that im a sophomore :).
my moms being such a bitch, she took the car away frm me for a WHOLE week just for not "asking her for permission" to go to jonis house...which she KNOWS ive being doing for about two years now every SINGLE friday! shes not letting me go or do ANYTHING this comming weeked, im gonna mope and be a bitch to her for doing that! it wasnt even THAT big of a fucking deal! shes buying my brother a new truck and she cant take out $150 to get me my keyboard?! what the hell is that shit?!?!, i have had a miserable week... i want my computer back...i feel bad for you Arely...i hope your little footy gets alot better, x0x0x0x0x0x00xx i love you guys alot...at least you guys wont turn your back on me the way my parents...i mean my mom is doing. please comment outta sympathy.

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so... [11 Sep 2004|02:40am]
[ mood | horny ]

hey everyone... dont you just l0ve mr Gale Harold!!! Me and Steven are just here watching Queer as Folk, lazy asses Juanita and Val (wey) are sleeping at the moment. My mum got mad cause i didnt "ask for permission" to come over, she said shes gonna take the car away frm me 4 2 weeks *ppppft* sure...like THATS gonna happen. sorry i havent been online...to those of you that care, my comps fucked up and it wont even turn on! yea...skools going awesome! im talking to "freddy again" woot woot! talk to you all laterz COMMENT! bye!

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What a crappy ass week, Sean makes me feel better.....:) [02 Sep 2004|10:52pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

awwwwwwww, he makes me happy after a long day... *sighs* he's the only man that'll make me truly happy. freddy's being such and ass. ive decided to give him the cold shoulder and everytime he walks by im always laughing with steven which pisses em off cause he HATES him, i dont really care, thats his fucking problem. BUMMER: i dont get my car tomarrow! damn flat, well at least not till hte afternoon, i FAILED my freaking geometry test....what the fuck is that?! i studied really hard, and now i have a 54 avg! my mums so0o0 gonna kill me...oh well might as well savor this labor day weekend. i have an IPC test tomarrow about some stupid ass crap...i swear im gonna kill me geometry teacher!!! shhh dont tell anyone, my eyes are shutting and its bedtime, ill hang out with my gang tomarrow, till then... ta tas *points to chest with both hands* love you all....kisses!

P.S: 2 weeks till the new Will and Grace eppy starts!!!, or 14 days....hehe, same thing!!!

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stuff that happend at jonis.... [28 Aug 2004|02:34am]
[ mood | drained ]

ok ok i know you all are anxious. ok while i was here at jonis with my bestest buds jonis, steven, val, erica, and arely there was some pretty freaky stuff that happend while we were having fun doing a movie. ok...first there was the lamp: it was one a those touch lamps and we had it on high then when we last looked it was off! we were like...ok that might a just been us, like as if it was our movement that had caused it. so we stopped up and down like idiots and saw that it really wasnt us at all, at this point we were kinda sorta freaked out. so then...we start shooting our movie and all a the sudden the water from the faccet turned on by itself!!! and we all ran and freaked!!! when we got there we found that the sink was full of water when it was just on for a couple a seconds and i had gone to the sink a couple mins b4 it had happend and it was not full! so then...we finish the movie so we sit down and watch it like we always do...jonis mom wasnt there at the time so we were very scared, so all the sudden we see that lamp turn on, and we freak once again, then a couple mins later in the movie it turns on a little higher, after that we all had to use the bathroom together, lol. yea we had a crazy night, it was fun! i got to play the SLUT again i know what your thinking you fucking basterds... and you know what?! its true!

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SkOl Sukz AsS...Sean!!! i l0ve em!!! [26 Aug 2004|10:12pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

man i cant wait for that new season to start!!! 21 days left, man talk about me being bored...i counted lol!

good lord i l0ve this man!!! these pics make me happy frm the miserable week ive been having and no im not talking about the people in my "group" you guys had nothing to do with it. eeh! stupid ass skool! i hate it!  i couldnt change my lunch which is the LAST one of the day...8th! what the fuck?! whats the use?! the foods all cold and egh its gross, and theres NOone i know, except Dave and a couple other people...why did they even invent that stupid ass lunch anyway!! thats so fucking stupid. im skipping 6/7 per. tomarrow, i wanna have lunch with my "group" well, most of it (joni has 4th:( ) yea....its gonna be all good Bianca's gonna do it too like she did today so i wont be alone. yea, i think and HOPE we're gonna make a movie tomarrow, i think my mum and dad are letting me have the car ROCK ON!!! anyway, this has been a REALLY slow week, glad you stopped and actually read this crap now comment damn you! lol kiddin...a lilttle...lol! oh, and i had like 5 freaking orthodontist oppintments talk about them not even being CLOSE to being finished...bummer.

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First Day At skool...again! [16 Aug 2004|06:39pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

egh! skool! could it had been worster?! damn!

i mean....i have 2 okay teachers but the others are just plain sad, talk about boring and everything else under the sun! THEN....i saw Edy....ya know....the one im "in l0ve" with? yea i saw em in the hall and i was gonna hug em...but then he like pulls away and acts really freaked! WHAT THE HELL?! i was so pissed and it was so akward, then you can just tell that he's changed ya know...into one a those ugly stupid ass cholos guys the way they think theyre so mexican/ black. my GOD! i was sickened! he was so much more than that! unless its all my imagination which i hope it is....talk about a depressing day!

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I did IT!...w0ot wo0t! [14 Aug 2004|01:11am]
[ mood | chipper ]

yes people...

the moment you all've been waiting for have finally arrived!!! i know what you guys are thinking.... theres n0 way that she did it!!!.. but yes! its been done... i FINALLY broke up with Mondo!!! ergh, i know that it sounds bad, cause it was... and i did feel bad about it no doubt. i cant believe that i did it! im so0o happy! im single again!!! and i havent felt that whole thing in a while. This is how it went: i was at Hastings (local book store, to rent the Excorsist), and i just decided that today was the day that i was gonna break it off, it hasnt been working for a while now...so i gathered my courage and i just did it. I felt bad, cause i found out that he actually did love me....and that i was his "Dream Girlfriend", he told me that i had everything he wanned in a girlfriend, and it was sad cause he kept asking "why?". It made me feel even worse about the whole situation! I dunno, is all i could say...i mean im in love with another guy ya know? oh well...even if he doesnt love me back, i think its all good. im glad to be single (even though that may sound horibibble).

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hey [12 Aug 2004|04:29am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

to everyone who bothers to comment...
yea well i had a pretty good weekend, hung out with friends and stuff
it was all good
still havin some trouble with who to choose as far as a boyfriend
there one guy (who will remain nameless)
who makes me feel so comfortable, i remember i called my boyfriend mondo *rolls eyes* just because, and he wasnt "behaving" i guess you could say... when he was talking to me, he was being so boring (as usual) and eeeeh! im so breakin up with em *shhhshhh* (dont want em to find out frm someone else). then i call him yea, the guy i umm like....but...no...l0ve! so i call em cause mondo brung me down, and even though we talked for a little while, just hearing his voice gave me a the most pleasantly warm feeling inside, very comforting and real. this other guy doesnt stick on my mind as much, hes just there really, i guess i like em cause we just.... ya know get along, and have alotta stuff in common, but sometimes....OMG! he gets on my nerves!!! but i dont think i could ever think about "us" with him, its just not there. well, i dont know what to do about him(the first guy) hes hard to read......hes quiet......he doesnt like to rush anything *rolls eyes* Emm, if you need to know what thats about ask plz!

NOTE: for the love of cheese! if you guys know these people or even THINK you do, keep them to yourselfs i DONT want anyone saying ANY NAMES!!! thanks.

kisses all around! COMMENT as well!

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w0w! 0.o what a sexy pic of my man!!! *Drools* [03 Aug 2004|04:43pm]
[ mood | naughty ]






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yay! [01 Aug 2004|01:13am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

i did my first animation! it rocks!!!
thankyou, thankyou!

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yeah...if your THAT bored you'll read this FOR SURE! hope you do anyway though... [29 Jul 2004|02:36am]
[ mood | blah ]

i forgot to update the best part of my trip (sarcastically) yeah there was this big fight: ok one day my mom had just come back from the Price is Right with my aunt (they we're very tired cause the had left at 11:00PM and came back frm it at 4:00PM so yeah, talk about no sleep...). so me and my cousins were like little angels waiting for them to pick us up so we could go eat at the Olive Garden (which was planned the day before) so yeah we went downstairs and go in the van; we started driving around looking for somewhere to eat cause my cousin (eric) doesnt LIKE PASTA! (i know what your saying...IS HE MAD!?) well anyway, we were looking and we had one of those... yea lets eat there! naaa i dont like that, you know when EVERYONES disagreeing with EVERYONES suggestions. so my aunt was getting pissed and she goes "oh, this is so0o annoying me!" and she made the sharpest turn ive ever witnessed yea with all of the screetching tires and stuff! i was clutching for dear life here people! yeah and my moms like "why are you throwing a fit?! *upset tone of voice*. yea and there was a BIG argument starting there! so then we're on the freeway (the 5 in cali) and my aunt was lost AGAIN! there was another argument i mean full on with YELLING and spitting ugly things at each other like "shut the fuck up!" ( i know! hearing that shit frm my mum!) and "your such a child", to me they were both acting like children. and the ever popular "go FUCK yourself" (now i know where i get that frm!) ok so theyre not talking to eachother at this point of the story: we get to the hotel and we're still hungry (ALL OF US!) so my aunts like "theres a place we could eat here" and my mom goes "give me the keys, i payed for half of the car!" and me and my mom go eat at Denny's, yea it was a pretty quiet dinner...i was feeling so sad about the whole argument i started to cry (yes people believe it or not im human!) and i told her that i missed my daddy and that i wanned to go home already (and at this point it was all true!). so we left the next day, you know theyd have little arguments here and there before all hell broke loose! yeah that day after we had slept one night somewhere in New Mex. we were travalin for god knows how long... and we stopped at some gas station in VERY North TX, so yeah i was asleep and all of the sudden im in the car alone with my aunt who peels out yet again, maybe worse this time, and at this point im thinking oh dear god im being kidnapped!!! and to make it worse... by my own aunt!!! yea i know! so... my cousins come in the car and both tell me that my mum and theirs were SCREAMING at each other behind the gas staion and that they seemed FUCKING PISSED! so then i get up and my moms door opens, my aunt puts the keys in and says lets just go, and my mom reaches for the keys and takes them away saying thats its HER car too and that SHES not going ANYWHERE! so then my aunt threatens to call the cops and my mom says gohead! and she sreams at me: "GET YOUR STUFF, WE'RE TAKING THE BUS", and im freaked out but doing what she says and we take everything and put it next to the entrance at the Burger King that we had stopped at when all the YELLING was going on. so yea i felt really homeless and like i did something wrong cause yes belive it or not my aunt did call the cops and they DID come... yea aparently they wanned the keys frm my mother and my mom told them she didnt have them which she didnt, and they threaten to arrest her! so at this point i had tears in my eyes i mean i had noone at that point eccept for her and my aunt was clearly against me at this point! so she gave her the keys (frm god knows where!) and me and my mom were left with 6 bags and thats not very easy for the 2 of us to carry! so we had to go to this other burger king down the street and BOY was it far so we hitched a ride frm one of the cops and when we got out of the car there were people looking at me like i was a freak or a criminal or SOMETHING bad like that! i felt so BAD! I didnt even do anything to be in that situation. so...we got on the bus and i officially became the bag toter. well we arrived at the bus station in San Antonio at 8 PM and the next bus was at 11 Pm! so we waited and when it was time to leave we were first in line with this other lady that we had befriended; lol! i had gone to the bathroom lol! and it was really quiet and i wanned to go to the handicapped stall cause i wanned some "room" lol! and i walked into this lady! lol! she was one of the busdrivers cause i saw her walking out at a later time, you think shed say something or freek out? but NO she was talking to someone on her cell and trying to take a shit im guessing at the same time! lol! so anyway back to the story: so im carrying my backpack, the dirty laundry bag which is HUGE!!! (not overexaggerating here!), my moms suitcase (no wheels!), my suitcase(yea i had wheels!), a duffel bag, and a little basket! GOD DAMMIT! THAT WAS ALOTTA THINGs TO CARRY, and my mom ends up pointing to the wrong bus so i drop all the bags and my mom was getting mad at ME cause SHE didnt get the right bus! SHIT! so yeah i finally got home at 3 and i saw my bro and daddy which made me feel TONS better! so yea i guess everything worked out except the fight that i thoughT FOR SURE wasnt gonna last, but they can both be mean when they wanna be, and now i see my fav. aunt in a different way, she used to be so hip and cool, and now shes just a BIG ASS BITCH!!! yea well i hope some of you took the time for some recreational readin...hope you liked the story and hope you all comment, oh yea i found a REALLY great image hosting site! its called: ImageShack.com! it FUCKING ROCKS! use it now, trust me it holds BIG pics!

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